Large 158 mm Disc

The large BioArc Disc (177mm – 7 inch) can be used for many things like structuring water or charging your food but it is primarily designed to smooth out the frequencies of your WiFi Modem.


BioArc Disc Stand

The BioArc Disc Stand can be used on top of or in front of your Modem.


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BioArc Phone Disc

The BioArc Phone Disc is the most effective way to smooth out the harmful frequencies of your Cell Phone. Register below to see how you can get one for FREE.


Thomas Joseph Brown

Thomas is a scientific philosopher, taking his inspiration from natural processes, atmospheric color formation, water flows, and their relationships with subtle and electric energies. Thomas is a legendary editor of the Journal of Borderland Research, exploring Tesla’s work, Goethe’s color theory, electro-therapeutics, radionics, etheric & scalar technologies, free energy research, and much more. He’s published numerous books and documentaries, introducing countless people to innovative new ideas over the decades. Thomas is currently Scientific Director of Humanitad and the New Earth Project.

Tom was featured in the 5G Apocalypse movie from Sacha Stone.

With over 30 years of research, Tom has developed the most effective antenna disc to help protect you from harmful EMF and 5G frequencies from your phone and modem.

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